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Search Engine Optimization is the technique of optimizing a website or webpage to enable the Search Engine spiders / robots to easily read and understand the webpage content and consider it as important for relevant keyword searches. Proper SEO not only helps the webpage achieve visibility and natural, organic SEO Ranking for the relevant keywords, but it also creates branding and exposure for your Online / Internet business and website. Search engine ranking optimization involves improving many aspects of a webpage, such as the design, quality, relevance, site theme, site link structure, file and directory structure, page content, etc, which assists in achieving higher search engine placements.

Search Engine Optimization improves the quality and volume of visitor traffic to a web site from search engines for targeted keywords, via Natural or Organic Search Engine Ranking . Higher placement or ranking of a website in Search Engine Results Page or SERP, means more visitors to the site. SEO can also target different kinds of searches, including local search and image search.

As a strategy for increasing a WebPages relevance to search terms used in search engines, SEO considers how search algorithms work and what people search for. Effective Search Engine Optimization efforts may involve modifying a websites html and coding, the design and presentation, website structure, and fixing any problems that may prevent search engines from spidering and indexing a site. Other efforts may include adding some unique content to a webpage and ensuring that search engine robots can easily index the content, and making the site design and structure more appealing to users. Another class of techniques, known as spamdexing or Black Hat SEO uses techniques and methods such keyword stuffing and link farms that tend to harm a websites Search Engine Ranking in the long run.

Search engines always look for websites employing these techniques and remove them from their rankings and may even remove them from their database.

White hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization techniques can be classified into two major categories. One category are techniques recommended by search engines as part of good design, and the other category of techniques are those that are not approved by search engines, also known as spamdexing. Some industry experts classify these techniques and methods as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO produces results that are long lasting, whereas Black Hat SEO on the other hand, anticipates that the websites may eventually be banned temporarily or permanently when the search engines comprehend what has been done.

A SEO method or technique is considered a White Hat technique if it confirms to search engine guidelines and does not involve deceiving the Search Engines. Search Engine guidelines have not been written down as rules and commandments, and White Hat SEO is not only following guidelines, but also ensuring that the webpage content that a search engine reads, indexes, and ranks is the same webpage content that a user sees.

White Hat SEO means creating content for site visitors and users, and not for search engines. The webpage content should be easily accessible and available to the Search Engine spiders, and there must be no techniques used to trick the Search Engine algorithms. White Hat Optimization is the same as web development because it provides accessibility, but they are not identical.

Black Hat SEO techniques attempt to improve Search Engine Ranking using methods that are disapproved by search engines and involve deception. Black Hat techniques using hidden text, which has the same color, as the background is quite common. Another technique is using invisible div tags, or off screen text. Another Black Hat method known as cloaking provides a different page depending on whether the page is being requested by a human visitor or a search engine.

Search engines penalize sites that use black hat techniques and methods, by reducing the websites Search Engine Ranking or eliminating the website from listings and databases. These penalties are either applied automatically by search engines algorithms, and sometimes through a manual website review.

A SEO Company employing aggressive SEO techniques can get client websites to be banned from search engine results.

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