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Every Large and small business Website owner in the world would like to see his Website/s achieve Top 10 Organic SEO Ranking in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for keywords / phrases and be visible to the world.


Fact: "A Website with high Search Engine Ranking and Visibility has a higher profit margin, because Organic search traffic is free! That makes for a very high ROI (Return on Investment)."


It is a well known fact that 85% of web traffic comes from a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). That is why, Large and small businesses with an Online / Internet Marketing website have realized that it is very important to be ranked high and be visible in all leading search engine results, specially GOOGLE. This requires Affordable SEO Services implemented by an SEO Expert to achieve Google Top 10 Organic Rankings for keywords.


62% of searchers will click on the first page or Top 10 Google results. The rest do not go beyond the 3rd page of results - unless they are earnestly searching for something important.


Conclusion: Your Website is more likely to be found ONLY if it is optimized and ranks high in Google Top 10 search engine results. Utilizing the services of a SEO Firm or SEO Agency on a continuous and monthly basis is crucial to achieve Google rankings.

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Your Business website and Online / Internet Marketing business should be on the first page of Google and not be one in a million on the 10000th page or nth page. To achieve this Google ranking and position for keywords / key phrases requires the services of an SEO Expert or a SEO specialist.


If your Business website is not visible / seen / listed / ranked in the first page (Top 10) of Google results, your site will not be visited and hence you lose customers and sales and thereby revenue.


But getting to the top of Google results takes a lot of time, patience, hard work and perseverence. Organic SEO Ranking and Visibility in Google results cannot be achieved in a day, or a week, or a month. You have to continously Optimize and Market your website and business everyday to achieve top 10 Rankings and Visibility step by step, and most important - maintain rankings. It is not good for your website, brand, or business, if you are at the top of the Search Engine results for a few days, and then slide down drastically or maybe disappear altogether.


To effectively utilize the Internet and the World Wide Web for obtaining High Rankings in Search Engines and thus Visibility for your business, a combination of SEO Expert and SEO Specialist Services with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Internet Marketing / Website Promotion, is the most effective path to success.


SEO - SEM Professionals is a Professional and Affordable Search engine Optimization Company, which provides professional, competent, quality, affordable, Search Engine Optimization, and Specialist Consultancy Services


Our SEO Company employs competent, experienced, and Professional SEO Experts who are armed with the lastest knowledge, SEO tools, and up to date resources available to provide clients with result orientated services and Consultation. As an ethical company, we believe in providing you - the Client - with all round complete services for enhancing and improving your Online / Internet Business venture. We consider Your Business as our Business and take a deep and personal interest, in enhancing your Online business ventures / websites visibility on the Internet, and improving sales through Organic and Expert SEO services.


Please see the numerous SEO Services, and various SEO Packages of our SEO company and select the one most suitable for your requirements or Contact Us for a Custom Quote if none of the SEO Packages suits your requirements.

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